Your new and improved social & networking group. 

What's Included:

We love finding new businesses to support and your membership includes exclusive access to discounts that will help you shop more and pay less around the city of Chicago. 

Welcome to a new way of networking where you can connect over your love of advertising, your obsession with Harry Styles, or your love of mini donuts.   

Are you clueless with a hair dryer? Do you want to talk about Confidence? AT STSC you'll get access to highly discounted events that happen in real life and online. 


Shop More. Spend Less. 

Here at sheTribe Social Club, we live for a good deal. But we wanted to help support the businesses who were a part of our community and who were hurt the most during the pandemic. We decided to reach out to our favorite nail/spray tan/coffee shops/workout studios/stylists and many more so we can use our wallet for good…at least that is what we tell ourselves.

With your membership you’ll get access to exclusive promo codes that are only available to sheTribe Social Club members and we’ll ask for feedback on what companies you want access to!

Find Your People. Find Your Community.  

Here's the secret that people don't tell you: making friends as an adult is really hard. Especially when you've moved away from home or left your college town. 

The good news, is that sheTribe Social Club was formed to help YOU connect with your community. Each member of STSC will take a survey that will help match you on the big things (profession/industry) and the little things (your love of DIY).

From there you'll be put in a small groups where you can meet online and plan meetups offline. 

Stay In. Get Out. 

Let's be real. There are days when we want to go out, put a bra on, and see the world. And then there are days where we want to stay home, put on our "home" sweats, and lay in bed. 

We get that so at STSC, we're here to bring your deeply discounted events that fit with your lifestyle so will be hosting workout classes (with mimosas and swag) and we'll have panels on Imposter Syndrome and confidence. We'll have energy readings and meal prepping and we're just getting started. 

Join Us For The Year


$120 per year

By being in a committed relationship with us, you get:

  • All of the benefits at 50% the standard monthly membership cost  
  • Consistent small-group meetups, garnering stronger connections and more fun
  • Highly discounted rates for every event (i.e. for less than a coffee)
  • Consistent access to local business exclusive discounts and perks 
I'm Ready To Commit

Join Us For a Month


Up to $240 per year

Not ready to commit? By dating us, you get: 

  • All of the benefits at the standard monthly membership cost  
  • Limited access to small-group meetups, garnering stronger connections and more fun
  • Deeply discounted rates for the monthly event (i.e. for less than a coffee)
  • Limited time access to local business exclusive discounts and perks 
I Want To Play The Field